Monday, July 19, 2010

MLS - Blackberry & Bayberry.

Fireflight - Forever

I had 3 MyLipStuff(MLS) balms but I can't find the other one, Mango Sorbet so I'll just do a review with these two balms that I can find. The flavour that I have is Blackberry and Bayberry.

However, Blackberry was brought earlier and Bayberry just recently.
There is a difference between the two balms, the earlier brought one is much much more waxy and seems to 'run' all over the place, if you get what I mean. Whereas Bayberry is more solid, in the sense that it is more held together and probably be able to withstand Malaysia's climate without melting. Also, it doesn't have the tendency to 'run' all over the place so yay for it!

Staying power:
As I usually apply balms before I sleep, and when I wake up it's still there so I daresay the balm has a great staying power. However, I wouldn't use Blackberry or Mango Sorbet during the day because they always 'run', making me feel uneasy. Bayberry, on the other hand I do use on the daytime and it usually lasts me about 2-3 hours before I have to reapply. Since I've got close to 100 balms, I'm not complaining! (=

On the Lips:
Both batches do give a nice colourless sheen onto the lips so its a yay for me too! I don't like too strong lip colours, so I rarely wear lipsticks.

Is it moisturising? Yeah I would agree to that because ever since using this, I've never had chapped lips anymore! Yay! And the other plus point is that they have over 500 flavours to choose from, so spoil yourself silly!

Colourless and moisturising.

Tends to be too runny and not available in Malaysia.

I got mine from MalaysianBeautyStore (

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