Saturday, August 27, 2011

Short Break -

Hi peeps! How are your holidays going?
For all my Muslim readers, Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri and hope you guys have fun during Raya and drive safe along the roads!
For my readers who are not celebrating Raya, hope you enjoy this long holidays!

As for us at OMR, we're taking a short break this week and will be coming back after the Raya holidays. (:

We'll see you then, shall we? :D

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Project 10 Pan.. Updates

Hi everybody! How's the week coming along? Good I hope.

Alright, here are some updates on my project, (sorry no pictures cause they're all in the recycle bin already. Hate keeping things too long, I always tend to forget and not throwing and make my room messier than it is already is. Hee.)

So far I've finished 2 moisturisers (Vaseline & Johnson & Johnsons), one lip balm and one day moisturiser. I know its going slow especially on the makeup side but I'm trying my best to bring up the tally, especially on lip balms and foundations cause they take the longest to finish off and cause I have tonnes of them lying around. Resisting the urge to buy makeup is difficult but I know it will pay off when my collection is on an acceptable amount & its also kinder to me wallet! Hee.

How are your projects coming along? Do share!

Monday, August 15, 2011

NYX Rouge Cream Blush in 05 Glow

Been on a blush craze lately, and have stocked up on NYX's cream blushes and am in a love hate relationship with the blushes. Read on to find out why!

The packaging looks like MAC, or so I've been told when mum mistaken the blushes for MAC cream blushes. The blushes come in 3.5g and trust me, it can last you for a long time! The pictures I took does not do a true justice to the blush because in real life it's darker, more of a coral shade.

The blush is creamy and all you need is a little dot, when I said little, I mean really little. I always made a mistake of taking too much and looking like Bozo the Clown. Not a good look ):

Apart from that, this blush gives a real good deal for your cash because you need a little bit only for the apples of your cheeks and the lasting power is pretty good. 5-6 hours before the heats get to me and my whole face looks red ): Oh, and did I mention this is not available locally? Boo! ):

NYX Cream Blush retails at USD 6 and is available at,

Monday, August 8, 2011

Just Curious: What do you do after your hauls?

I know, they said curiosity killed the cat.. But I'm just really really curious! What do you guys do with your hauls? Especially major ones, like in some of my previous posts.

Do you..
Immediately rip them apart and test drive and proclaim that you want a few dozen more of the same thing?

Put them aside and wait until you finish up the existing one and open them up?

Or put them aside and forget about them completely until you found them somewhere?

For me,
I'm a mixture of the first two, especially if its lip balms cause like they say, a girl can never have too many lip balms! :D Yes, that would explain why I have 3 in my bag at the moment.. Hmm. And a gloss.. And a lip stick. And a few dozen more that are opened lying around..

For other items that take quite awhile to finish, ie foundations, eyeliners, I wait until I finish the current one then only I open up another one to replace the existing one.. but sometimes itchy fingers.. you know ;)

I have a friend who rips open everything she buys but she's not a hoarder like me, thank god or else she would have to throw away more stuff than she could manage.. Maybe that explains why she doesn't haul as much as I do.. Which is good I guess. I'm running out of storage space as we speak so I'm pretty selective on my purchases now, which is a good thing.. as far as my purse is concerned. Hee.

Anyway, do let me know what you ladies do with your hauls? I'm curious! :D

Not so latest haul & a mini review

Probably from 3 semesters ago, judging from the books beside the haul. Well, better late than never & a tiny review on it!!

L-R : ELF Bronzing Powders, ELF Studio Lip Stains, ELF Studio High Definition Powder, ELF Studio SPF 45 UVA/UVB Protection Powder, ELF Studio Blush in Berry Merry, ELF blushes, Maybelline Dream Smooth Mousse & Stila Made in Your Shade in Medium

ELF Studio Lip Stains - The colours give a matte finish which I absolutely love love love! However, the formula can be a tad too drying if not layered with the clear gloss that comes along with it.

Stila Hydrating Primer SPF 15 - I like it because it has SPF but other than that, not too much to shout about I guess. Oh, the smell.. is horrid. ):

Stila Sheer Colour Tinted Moisturiser SPF 15 in Medium 03 - Ok I like this, which doesn't feel heavy on my skin and is good for those lazy makeup days. Just put this one and I'm ready to go!

Maybelline Smooth Dream Mousse in Creamy Natural - Exact match to my skin!! It was more of a lucky guess because they don't have Creamy Natural in Malaysia and I looked through tonnes of swatches before deciding on purchasing it. Smooth and a dream to blend. I like cream foundations and I usually use my fingers because it's faster. Yay.

What's your latest haul been like? Do share!

Saturday, August 6, 2011

Look What I Found..

in Genting Highlands.

A rather unexpected find really, cause I never expected Bath and Body Works to be available in Malaysia, let alone in Genting! So I happily tested the body butters and bought them. Reviews will be coming up soon!

PS: I bought them at Bum City, Bloop Counter for RM38 for one.

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Oily Skin..?

My skin type is oily or rather combi-oily, dry around the cheeks oily on the T-zone, which basically makes it a headache when it comes to skincare/foundation. Especially when you take in account your dry/oily areas.

So, what I do is..


Cause in the day we need to present ourselves nicely to people, so we need to avoid the dreaded oily problem therefore what I do is restrict the use of any items that are too moisturising that might make me look like an oil slick by mid day. I tone my skin (the normal ones, Nivea, Clinique and the likes) and slap on a oil-controlling moisturiser that has SPF (Nation Daily Protection Face Moisturiser SPF 15), if I'm late or lazy or I just put on a oil-controlling moisturiser (Shills Oil Control Pore Refining Cream) with a sunblock, Sunplay's Skin Aqua UV Moisture Gel SPF 25 PA++ or Etude House's Sun Guard Natural Covering Colour Base in SPF 42 PA++ (sun protection is important in our hot humid country! you don't want to end up with skin cancer now do you?) and I'm good for the day. BB cream and blush is a must though cause I find that it makes me look more awake. :P

Night time

I double cleanse off everything with either a cleansing water(when I'm only using moisturiser with SPF) or cleansing water (when I have makeup on) followed by a normal cleanser. For night time, especially for ladies that sleep in an air-conditioned room, it is a must to use a heavy duty moisturiser and ensures that your skin does not dry off during the night, yes even though your oily skinned! I use Hada Labo's Moisturising Lotion as a toner for night time, followed by L'oreal's Pore Minimising Re-Smoother, Kanebo's Blanchir Superior White Luster N and finally Yves Rocher's Night Cream. Ocasionally I slapped on a sheet mask or an oil reducing mask, ElishaCoy's Herb Clay Pore Refining Mask before going off to sleep!

PS: Just remember, just because you're an oily-skinned individual doesn't mean you should shy away from deep moisturising products because oily skinned is caused by insufficient hydration and the only way skin can combat the insufficient hydration is by providing more moisture, hence oily skin.

ps: recommendations are done based on my skin & it may not be applicable to everyone elses sin