Saturday, December 11, 2010

Project 10 Pan.

I know I'm pretty late in joining this project, but I'm going to start it anyway. After all my purchases in MBS for this month I'm gonna go on a project 10 pan and wish me luck (: I'll regularly update what I finished and I've also included body lotions into the project cause I just have gazillions of them! Oh my ):

So far I've finished;

Johnsons Baby Lotion
Crazy Rumors Lip Balm in Raspberry Sherbet

Till then, wish me luck peeps! (:

Saturday, December 4, 2010

Pucker up girls! Review: Crazy Rumors Lip Balm

Hello girls! I'll be reviewing one of my favorite lip balm today; Crazy Rumors. I don't have a specific flavour that I love from Crazy Rumors cause they're all so yummy its pretty difficult to decide which one I really like! ): Oh well, onto the review.

Crazy Rumors has 8 ranges lip balm and they are :

Perk (captivating coffee inspired lip balms),
A La Mode(decadent ice cream inspired lip balms) ,
Freshly Squeezed (refreshing citrus inspired lip balm),
HibisKiss (Enchantingly Fragrant Hibiscus Inspired Lip Colours),
Soda Pop (Fizzy Soda Fountain Inspired Lip Balm),
Brew (Rejuvenating Tea Inspired Lip Balm),
Gumball (Classic Bubblegum Inspired Lip Balm)
Candy Cane (Festive Peppermint Infused Lip Balm) .


Price: USD 3.99
Availability: Only in USA.
Glide: Simply awesome. I love the fact that they are colourless and gives a glossy finish! Oh and they're more solid than MLS. So far none of my CR lip balms have melted on me before but MLS has. 2 out of 3 in fact. Boo!
Net weight: 0.15oz

CR prides itself in being vegan and also cruelty free. It's written on their lip balms. All ingredients used are natural,


Isn't the rabbit cute?!

This is how the balm looks like,




I would say that this is a pretty decent lip balm, and I love the Perk range because I love coffee! However, because they are not available locally tainted any possibilities of owning the full Perk range. And its not very often a spree-er places orders with CR as compared to MLS, so having CR lip balms are a rarity. If you see a CR spree anywhere, do let me know kay! (:

Apart from that, CR lip balms are really moisturising. I often go to sleep with lip balm on and some of them will wear off in the middle of the night but CR doesn't. It keeps my lips wonderfully coated on with its balm and when I wake up in the morning, its still there! And I wake up to softer lips every day. Cracked lips are a day of the past, I am happy to say! The smell is absolutely to die for too (: They smell EXACTLY like what they're names are. For example my Mocha smells exactly like Mocha, same goes to Raspberry Sherbet and all the other lip balms I owed from CR. Which makes me go 'aahhh, so lovely'.

I don't have anything bad to say about this lip balm, but I wish they could make it available locally too cause these are just simply divine! And also, inject some SPF into the balms. Due to the fact that they do not have SPF, I only use them at night. ): But all in all, its a really good balm and I wouldn't mind recommending it to friends and readers. (:

I got my balms from Rowena of MalaysianBeautyStore. But she's not doing a spree on CR anymore, so I don't know where to find my balms anymore! Boo. If anyone knows of current CR sprees, do let me know kay (: Need to stock up! Lol

Kris Allen - I need to know.

Friday, October 22, 2010

Johnson's 24 Hour Lasting Moisture Body Lotion

Helps stop the 3 signs of dryness. With shea butter, vitamin E and jojoba oil to help 1) reduce skin tightness 2) lessen skin flakiness and 3) Revive dull-looking skin. Your skin is moisturised for 24 hours, feeling touchably baby-soft and baby smooth.

this is how it looks like, I bought the 100ml bottle.

The ingredients, do enlarge to see properly. It contains mineral oil.

And this is how it looks like! Gosh I am crazy over white lotions cause I find them so pretty! Haha, weird I know but it's just the way I like my lotions. White and no fancy fancy colour!

So, does it really perform?

I picked this up in Watsons a few months ago as I was going on my Johnson's baby lotion craze. They are just the loveliest bunch of lotions out there besides my favorite Yves Rocher Silky Cream. They just sink into your skin quickly with no stickiness left behind. And the plus point is that you will have silky smooth skin the next day. No kidding! However the scent is different from its predecessors as it's more towards fruity? Maybe. But the smell goes away after awhile so if you prefer your lotions odourless, this will not be your choice. But if you're like me who applies lotion on liberally, this would be your best pick! Oh and did I mention you can get this lotion anywhere?! So no worries if you do run out of them and is in an urgent fix (=

Repurchase? DEFINITELY!!

Retailing at Watsons, Guardians, Caring pharmacies and all supermarkets at less than RM10 and big bottles are retailing at RM18 or so.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

parcels make me happy. ♥

Anna Sui Dolly Girl Lip Gloss, Bobbi Brown Skin Foundation Sample in 3.5 Warm Beige, Anna Sui Protective Powder Foundation SPF PA ++ in B02.

Laneige parcel from Wizard_Scorpian of lyn. Thanks for the freebies dear. There's Kose, Anna Sui and also Laneige inside it. Hehe.
Stage Wondergloss Lipgloss in Lucina, Pandora, Electra, Persephone, Picture Perfect Foundation in Dolly and also Wonderlust Lipstick in Gwen. (FAV!)
Random buys in Daiso Pyramid. The yellow hand cream is love tho, haven't try the others yet.
BB cream package from and the free gifts Angel thrown in too. OH I have a parcel from Missha too, from KGC in lyn. Hehe, sorry couldn't take a picture of it yet. Haven't got time to take picture of everything lol.

yes unfortunately i have spent that much on makeup of late, but everybody knows that retail shopping does heal the soul and i do use all this stuff i buy, so it's justified right? am gonna review the Stage lipstick soon, cause it's just so gorgeous I absolutely melt when I slick it across my lips yesterday, it's just a to die for lipstick! And it's saying something cause I honestly don't wear lipsticks at all. And do you know that Stage is having a buy 1 free 1 offer? And to top that up, whenever you purchase something from Stage, you get to purchase the foundation for RM25. Steal or what?! And whenever you purchase above RM100, you get one lipstick free. That's how I got my stuff from Stage the other day. The deals are just so good that you couldn't resist them! So really, what are you waiting for? Hurry up and get them already!

Monday, July 19, 2010

MLS - Blackberry & Bayberry.

Fireflight - Forever

I had 3 MyLipStuff(MLS) balms but I can't find the other one, Mango Sorbet so I'll just do a review with these two balms that I can find. The flavour that I have is Blackberry and Bayberry.

However, Blackberry was brought earlier and Bayberry just recently.
There is a difference between the two balms, the earlier brought one is much much more waxy and seems to 'run' all over the place, if you get what I mean. Whereas Bayberry is more solid, in the sense that it is more held together and probably be able to withstand Malaysia's climate without melting. Also, it doesn't have the tendency to 'run' all over the place so yay for it!

Staying power:
As I usually apply balms before I sleep, and when I wake up it's still there so I daresay the balm has a great staying power. However, I wouldn't use Blackberry or Mango Sorbet during the day because they always 'run', making me feel uneasy. Bayberry, on the other hand I do use on the daytime and it usually lasts me about 2-3 hours before I have to reapply. Since I've got close to 100 balms, I'm not complaining! (=

On the Lips:
Both batches do give a nice colourless sheen onto the lips so its a yay for me too! I don't like too strong lip colours, so I rarely wear lipsticks.

Is it moisturising? Yeah I would agree to that because ever since using this, I've never had chapped lips anymore! Yay! And the other plus point is that they have over 500 flavours to choose from, so spoil yourself silly!

Colourless and moisturising.

Tends to be too runny and not available in Malaysia.

I got mine from MalaysianBeautyStore (

Sunday, June 13, 2010