Sunday, March 27, 2011

P10P Update - With Pictures

I have something to confess. The rules of P10P stated that I could not purchase anymore makeup or skincare related thing that I'm trying to finish and I haven't been finishing all my makeup and skincare as quickly as I hope to be so I've be ridden with guilt. I keep on telling myself it's going to be the last time but it never happens! But seriously, this last spree I joined will be the last! I have chuck up on numerous amounts of foundation and blushers and for the life of me, could not finish before expiry. Big sigh. What about you guys?

Anyway, onto the P10P update.
So far this are the things I finished off that I have pictures of, cause some of them I've already disposed of.

Perfume vial - I don't know what fragrance is this but I love it to the max. It doesn't give a headache and also when applied onto my pulse points, it stays. Not like my other perfumes that stray, this is the only one that stays.

Clinique Dramatically Different Moisturizer - Now I know what the rave for this moisturiser is for! It really makes me skin seem oil-free and it's always very nice to touch after application! Bad but I just can't resist! Will repurchase this definitely.

Clinique Liquid Facial Soap - No, no and no! Will definitely not repurchase though it left my skin feeling squeaky clean. The reason is cause this often cause my cheekbones to burn and its definitely not from sensitivity cause my cheekbones aren't flaming red yet. :p

Simple Clear Skin Oil Balancing Facial Scrub - Good to use as a daily scrub but not as a one week kind of thing. Because I use it only on a one week kind of thing I can't tell if its really working so probably won't repurchase.

Vaseline Cocoa Butter Body Lotion - Very creamy and moisturising and not overly perfumed! I LOVE IT! Now, why can't Malaysia just have this range in stock. REPURCHASE REPURCHASE! Yeah, that's how much I like this moisturiser. Also its very light, not too heavy for daily use.

Nivea Calm and Care Deodorant - love it so much till I repurchased it again. The smell is just heavenly but its a little on the heavy side, like all Nivea deodorants are. What I do is roll it on first and walk around to let it dry off before I put my T-shirt on to avoid the white stains on the armpit of my T-shirt.

Avon Magix Face Perfector - Its a good primer and for those days when I don't want foundation I just want sunscreen but be sure to avoid creamy foundations with this primer cause it will slide off. So far its a no repurchase because it sort of burns my face too. Not available locally too.

Boots Lip Care in Strawberry - Meh. Not repurchasing cause the smell puts me off and also its not available locally. I wish that Malaysia will bring in Boots cause their body care range is superb! Oh well, will load up when I go to Thailand this year end.

And that's all. What's your figure? Do share!

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Pretty Nails: Etude House Petit Darling Nails in GR603

Really sorry for the lack of updates lately,
has tonnes of work but now its over and I'm back on holidays!
Project 10 pan has been going along smoothly, much better than I thought for now I have finished up 5-6 bottles of body lotion (don't you hate it when the body lotion you can't get in Malaysia finishes and there is no way you can get it unless you go overseas?! I do :P) 2 foundations hit pan, now I'm trying to finish up, 2 lip balm, 1 facial scrub and 1 blush. Yeah I think it's bout all. :D

Okay! Enough with the blab! Today I will be reviewing Etude House's Petit Darling Nail Polish and I would just say, the colour payoff is just lovely. I'm not the kind of person that adores putting colours on my nail because it makes them so much more heavier but ever since I finished my internship I've been getting pretty fond of doing so.

I have to put 3 thick coats to achieve that kind of 'dark' nail polish look that I want and under certain lights it looks almost black. There is a little shimmer of blue in the nail polish and that it what attracted me to the nail polish in the first place. I like shimmery blue stuff! Don't you? :D

Boyfriend complains its too dark but oh what does he know. It is pretty dark indoors but in the sunlight its lovely lovely.

It does not chip easily not does it fade easily and it doesn't have that feel where I think my nail can't breathe, my whole hands feel heavy and unclean so its a pretty good thumbs up for a nail polish. Ingredients are stated as above.

Caught the blue shimmers? This is the best picture I can take closest to the colour, its deep green with blue shimmers all over the polish. I've been wearing it for a week and I do daily chores and it hasn't chip off yet! yay.

Rating: 3/5
Repurchase: Should I run out of it :D

Retails at Etude House for the price of less than RM10. I bought it on sale and it was awhile ago so I can't really remember the price

Stay pretty everybody and have a good weekend. xoxo