Thursday, September 19, 2013

Review: Help! My gel eyeliner has dried up.. Fret not! Inglot Duraline to the rescue!!

Happy Thursday everybody! For Chinese around the world who will be celebrating Mooncake Festival today, happy mooncake festival y'all!

I remember when Inglot Cosmetics opened up in Sunway Pyramid. I told myself that I will purchase their much raved AMC gel eyeliners. Alas, the many times I visited Sunway Pyramid, I did not exit the store with purchasing the gel eyeliners.

Fast forward a few years, I was rummaging through my make up stash and realise most of my gel eyeliners has dried out before I even opened them. Exasperated, I turned to the almighty Google for answers. And they did. Google directed me to Inglot and I exited the store with Duraline.

Product Information:

Name: Inglot Duraline
Price: RM38/9ml
Packaging: Clear glass bottle with a dropper on top.
Repurchase: No. I don't think I can finish this in my lifetime!

So did it actually 'activated' my dried up eyeliner? Yes it did. However, I think I added a little too much product onto the gel eyeliner and it became very watery. Within an hour or so, I ended up with two eyeliners, one on my lash line, one on my lids. LOL.

Therefore, I do not recommend using most than 1/4 of the length of the dropper. Anything beyond will be an overkill and you might end up with two eyeliners, and on a date as well!

According to the SA, Duraline does not have an expiry date but based on the box its good for 9 months. I personally won't adhere to the expiry date because I believe that as long it does not sting my eye or give me infections I will still continue using this. And I can foresee Duraline lasting me a very very long time. Oh! And do you know it transforms eyeshadows into gel eyeliners as well?

So, ladies.. When you're gel eyeliner dries up, where you going to go? Inglot! (Hehe, I think I had a little bit too much sugar. My apologies)

Here is a swatch of Coastal Scent Sky Line's dried up gel eyeliner mixed with Duraline.

That's all folks! Hope to see you guys next time. Cheers!

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