Sunday, January 16, 2011

Bobbi Brown Skin Foundation SPF 15 - Loving it!

Am loving BB's Skin Foundation, so I thought why not I do a review on this before I finish off the sample? Yeah, as you guys can see its pretty much finished so I can't do proper swatches so sorry! But if I do purchase the full size bottle(which I will!) I can do proper swatches. For now I have to depend on the last of the foundation that I have left.

I got the shade from the SA at Parkson in 3.5 Warm Beige and it fitted my skintone perfectly! I usually don't say this cause it's pretty hard to find one that matches me correctly.

The boyfriend commented that my skin look flawless today and it's really natural cause it's like you know there's something there but you can't figure out what is it kind of thing. And cause I don't go for heavy foundations that I will most probably sweat off and look like a mask cause I'm wearing it, I'm loving this foundation to the max!

However, the thing that's stopping me from getting this foundation is the price. Yes! Its around RM160 for 30ml and for that price I can pretty much get a few drugstore foundations! But the shade matches me to perfection and it won't cake on and layering tonnes of foundation on the face won't make me look like I'm wearing a mask, I gladly overlook the price tag factor cause like all you ladies know, it's pretty hard to find the PERFECT shade! So yes! Purchasing it I shall! *Though I might have to save for a few months*

By the way, if you ladies are unsure of your skin colour you guys can always hop over to the counter and ask the SA to match it for you guys. The bunch at BB counter at Parkson is awfully friendly so don't worry bout SA's biting your neck off when you request for a free sample.

Go ahead! Maybe you guys will like this foundation as much as I do.

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