Wednesday, November 9, 2011

MWS Awards 2011

Should stop, procrastinating!
I'm rushing for an assignment right now and since I'm stressed to the max, I figured why not blog just to release some of the stress out? So here I am!
Anyway, this is a really backdated post cause MWS Awards was held on the 29 October 2011! BOO! But still, better late than never eh?
Here I want to extend my thanks again to Paris_B for the invite for the awards, I met other beauty bloggers and shared tips on makeup and skin care. Overall I enjoyed myself during the awards and glad to be part of the party :)

No pictures of the actual awards though, silly me forgot to bring my camera! ):
Here are the pictures of the goody bags, my are they a lot!
I separated them so for easier reference when I review them, so here goes!

Do let me know via comments or e-mail which item that you would like me to review ya, stay awesome! It's midweek already!

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