Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Dry Feet? - Fret No More!

Cause you have Natio Spa Foot Revival Cream coming to your rescue!
The feet is one of most neglected part of our bodies and because of our neglect, more often than not we end up with cracks. Not a pretty sight eh?

Full size 110ml 3.7 oz

The cream that comes out is in white in colour, if you look closer you will see some coming out from the opening of the tube. The cream is lightweight and the next morning I would wake up to more moisturised legs. Knowing how well it does wonders for my feet I decided to apply it on my hands too even though its stated foot revival cream :P And you know.. It moisturises nicely too! Talk about multipurpose!

This foot lotion is now a staple on my bedside table when I can just reach out and grab it to moisturise my feet, especially on the heel when it dries out more often! Yay!

Ingredients are as stated in the picture. Natio is an Australian made product and is available locally at Sasa. I got this from the Heavenly set few months ago retailing at RM89. If you guys still see it in Sasa I'd say grab it cause it contains 4 full size product, one foot revival cream, one body scrub, one hand lotion and foot scrub! All FULL SIZED.! Major savings! Yay! Kind to your feet and your wallet too ;o

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