Sunday, July 10, 2011

Quick update before I disappear!

How's your weekend? With all the excitement in Malaysia lately, its hard to not focus on it especially the media hype surrounding it.

Today, I'm here to blog about some hauls and also a tiny little update on P10P. Due to exams and all I haven't had the time to play around with my makeup as much as I want to so when I hit pan on Maybelline's Clear Smooth Shine Free Face Powder, I was surprised as I never expected it to hit pan so quickly. Guess I've been using it much more than I expected.

Maybelline Clear Smooth Shine Free Face Powder in Natural, hitting pan already. Thought my makeup would make a good background drop for the pan, hee. I group my eyeliners, concealers and samples into different baggies for easy retrieval. Or else they'll be scattered all around and I have to rummage through my drawer and most of the time, I can't find them when I need them.

Moving on, my hauls! Sorry for the dark picture, lighting issues ):

Warehouse like sale on Kate and Kanebo. Lipglosses from Kate, very sheer but has a nice colour to it. Kate's Liquid Foundation in OCD, Kanebo's eyeshadow which I use for countouring and a blush, Kate's liquid eyeliner (very sheer don't like), Kate's pencil eyeliner in white (hard to draw on), Kate's liquid eyebrow in Gold, Kate's eyeshadow and also Kanebo's Blanchir Superior White Luster Serum. Can't do proper reviews on them yet cause they are some that I had yet to use. Oh! And the exciting news? The damage for all this lovelies? RM89 only! :D

My CC and Avon spree. The box is from Avon, Cream to Powder Foundation in Natural, Amuse's blush palette in PBP-01 and PBP-02, NYX's blusher in Desert Rose and Pinch (supposedly dupe for NARS Orgasm!!), NYX Cream Blush in Diva, Tea Rose & Boho Chic, Jordana's blusher in Redwood and LA Colours Nail Polish in Luscious Wine (Love the colour!)

I can't do reviews on these yet cause I haven't opened them yet but do drop comments if you wan me to do reviews on them ya. Goodnight world!

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