Thursday, October 20, 2011

Review: Nivea Creme

Look at how time flies eh, it's mid October already! And fast forward a few more weeks we'll be looking at the end of the year and singing Auld Lang Syne to this year (That's why I do every year end :D) and fret about getting a year older and all.. Man I miss this year already!

And yes, sorry for the long disappearance again and there is no excuse I know. So here I am with a treat for you guys, a review on Nivea Creme!

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The iconic blue tin and creamy white cream has been around for so long that they are passed through generations. I remember the smell of Nivea Creme in the house in my younger days but it wasn't until recently when I was looking for a pick-me-up after a long jogging session that I picked this up after debating whether I really need this or just buying it cause I need a pick-me-up.

Needless to say I pick it up.

I have the biggest conflict about this cream, my hands love it and I don't fancy the smell. I mean it's tolerable because I just slap it on and go to sleep. But that is exactly what is stopping me from repurchasing the cream. I like my moisturisers that I use on my body daily to be non scented or lightly scented and Nivea's.. is kind of heavily scented for me ): So that's a minus one.

However.. my skin, or rather my hands love it and I always wake up to beautifully soft skin the next day or when you've been drinking and your whole body is dried up like a prune? I slap on Nivea Creme and my hands just drink it up and becomes softer. So it does work! And works fast too! And because of Nivea Creme, I don't have dry scaly hands anymore! So that's a plus one.

Hmm.. so does this make me want to repurchase this creme? Considering I've just finished it yesterday.. Hmm.. Maybe not. I still have tonnes of moisturisers to go through so it'd probably be awhile before I come around to repurchase this.

Have you ladies tried Nivea Creme? What's you take on it? Do let me know in the comments! Thanks & have a great day! :D

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