Friday, September 30, 2011

Going Through - Beauty Treats Mosaic Highlighter

Recently, I have became a fan of highlighters and along my highlighters craze, I have acquired Beauty Treats Mosaic Highlighter, which is in powder form. This is the first time I've came across a highlighter in powder form, all my other highlighters are in cream form.

The highlight has a combination of different colours, all with a common purpose of highlighting the face, the areas where light hits to make your face features more prominent. For me, I use my ELF powder brush and mix all the colours to give my face a nice, subtle glow.

Oh well, since I've just started using this highlighter less than a few days ago, I can't comment on anything else yet besides giving my face a nice glow. Do check back for a more detailed review soon yeah :D

Have a nice day, peeps!

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