Wednesday, September 28, 2011

September Round Up of P10P

Hi guys! It's been ages since I've posted up something regarding p10p yeah? There are times where I don't finish up anything because items like foundations etc take a looooong time to finish up so for makeup its going really slow. Which leads to one question.. In an attempt to finish off products for the end of the month round up, do you guys put on more stuff that you usually need? Do let me know in comments, don't worry I won't judge you because I do that sometimes.. sometimes! :D

Anyway, round ups for September's P10P. Quite a good month I'd say though 2-3 items from the finished items are full sized.


Top: Cleansing Cream - Bought from a blogsop. Not a fan of cleansing creams so probably won't repurchase.

Clinelle Lip Balm with SPF - I'm on the fence about this one, I like the fact that it has a high SPF, but I don't like the thickness of the balm. Will probably repurchase for the SPF though.

Clinique Pore Minimizer Serum - I like this, despite the fact that I need to use a lot to cover my whole face. Maybe my face is big? Pores are covered and provides a good canvas for makeup.

TBS Tea Tree Oil Cleanser - Love the tea tree scent and helped keep my blemish in check. Least likely to repurchase as I am not blemish prone, and .. it's not exams yet ;p

Clinique Clarifying Lotion in No 3 - Don't like, a little bit too strong for my liking. It's like your skin is drinking alcohol.

Bottom: H20+ Body Balm in Clearwater & Poolside - Highly moisturising and non-greasy. Will repurchase the big bottle once P10P is over. I liked it so much that I even cut the bottle into half to 'properly' finish it off.

Kanebo Blanchir Superior Serum - This is supposed to be brightening serum because it wipes away old skin cells or melanin-containing old keratin and gives a brighter translucent skin. I don't detect any brightening maybe because I wasn't using enough (I use this only at night) so I don't see any brightening, so I doubt I'll repurchase.

L'Oreal Pore Genesis Serum - I have this in the US version, not the Asia version and I would say, I love this!! The scent is really nice and it covers my pores perfectly. I use this at night because it contains retinol and man.. my skin was smooth to touch after applying this serum ;p So yes, repurchase!! Heee.

That's my figure for this month. What's yours? Do share!

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