Monday, September 26, 2011

What I Put On My Face At Night - Yves Rocher Hydra Specific Night Cream

This is how my night regime goes - Lotion -; Serum - ; Moisturiser -; Eye Care
As skincare benefits are better reaped at night when the skin is able to absorb the active ingredients in more, I usually don't hold back on what I put on at night. For night time, I prefer more hydrating things because my skin might be oily on the forehead, but it's really dehydrated on the cheek area *fine lines. check*

My night time moisturiser, Yves Rocher Hydra Specific Night Moisturiser which promises deep replenishing night care. And deep replenishing night care it gives! And the Hydra Specific range is specially for hydration purposes.

I'm a big fan of Yves Rocher's skincare products because it's all natural, albeit on the heavy cream side. And the smell, oh the smell. I think the French like their things heavily perfumed but I guess it's okay by me because the smell goes away after awhile.. Considering the benefits that it's given me all this while.. I'd say forget about the smell!

The cream is packaged in a clear 50ml jar which I love. I love jars, anything that comes in jars, although unsanitary, *coughs*. I tend to gravitate to anything that comes in a jar packaging because I can dig onto the very last bit unlike tubes that I have to cut them open to half and finish the remaining products.

The colour of the cream comes in white and the texture is pretty heavy, like I say and caution to oily skinned ladies, do apply a pea size amount on your face cause anything bigger than that, will sort of makes you 'sweat' out. Not good, not good. Especially in our humid weather.

The cream is absorbed fairly fast into my skin, especially after I team it up with my serum, the cream just gets absorbed into my skin quickly! As in no greasiness at all, anymore! Yay. And its a bonus point that I wake up with baby soft skin, I kid you not!

I was on a trip a couple of months back and I didn't bring this gem with me.. and thanks to cabin air and everything, my skin was flat out dehydrated and when I came back I immediately put this on and voila! I wake up in the morning to baby smooth skin again!

However, because it's relatively heavy, (it's cream), I sometimes tend to skip this moisturiser when I know I'm not going to bed immediately (I do wash my face sometimes in the evening) because of the humidity levels here, it will make me sweat out ):

But apart from this little complaint, the cream is fine and moisturises my skin fairly well, and I might repurchase this when I run out, during my birthday because Yves Rocher has a buy one free one policy during your birthday month, woohoo!


Yves Rocher Hydra Specific Night Cream can be bought at Yves Rocher retail outlets.

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