Monday, August 8, 2011

Just Curious: What do you do after your hauls?

I know, they said curiosity killed the cat.. But I'm just really really curious! What do you guys do with your hauls? Especially major ones, like in some of my previous posts.

Do you..
Immediately rip them apart and test drive and proclaim that you want a few dozen more of the same thing?

Put them aside and wait until you finish up the existing one and open them up?

Or put them aside and forget about them completely until you found them somewhere?

For me,
I'm a mixture of the first two, especially if its lip balms cause like they say, a girl can never have too many lip balms! :D Yes, that would explain why I have 3 in my bag at the moment.. Hmm. And a gloss.. And a lip stick. And a few dozen more that are opened lying around..

For other items that take quite awhile to finish, ie foundations, eyeliners, I wait until I finish the current one then only I open up another one to replace the existing one.. but sometimes itchy fingers.. you know ;)

I have a friend who rips open everything she buys but she's not a hoarder like me, thank god or else she would have to throw away more stuff than she could manage.. Maybe that explains why she doesn't haul as much as I do.. Which is good I guess. I'm running out of storage space as we speak so I'm pretty selective on my purchases now, which is a good thing.. as far as my purse is concerned. Hee.

Anyway, do let me know what you ladies do with your hauls? I'm curious! :D

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